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The TransPar Group of Companies is a partnership of three leading organizations from across the student transportation industry that offer an array of products and services that represent the most comprehensive and responsible services in the industry. And we do this all while keeping your students safe and improving the cost and quality of your school transportation operation.

Our experience with student transportation programs of all sizes includes school districts that own and operate their own school bus fleet, school districts that utilize contractors, and school bus contractors themselves, thereby allowing us to provide innovative solutions to the entire spectrum of student transportation needs.

TransPar provides Management and Staffing Services to develop solutions for difficult operational questions and problems. School Bus Consultants offers Advisory Services to deliver resources and expertise that transportation contractors and organizations often cannot access on their own. Transportation Services Co. provides Fleet Management Services and Training Products to help customers create the strong foundation necessary to support effective service delivery. So no matter your needs, we have you covered - the TransPar Group of Companies is the all-inclusive solution to creating a successful, reliable, and profitable student transportation program.

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Chief Business Development Officer, TransPar Group of Companies
Tim Ammon is responsible for building client relationships and identifying opportunities for our team to collaborate on with our clients. He has provided transportation consulting services to school districts across the United States and Canada for more than 15 years, and has focused extensively on assisting student transportation programs of all sizes to develop the knowledge and experience needed to provide the most effective and efficient services on the market.
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President, TransPar
Having grown up in the student transportation industry, Doug Martin solidified his place in the industry by joining TransPar’s Board of Directors in 2011 after serving over 10 years on active duty as a Naval Flight Officer. He was instrumental in growing the company before assuming his current role as President of TransPar Doug’s background in business, operations and academics shapes his professionalism and expertise in the disciplines of strategic planning, operations analysis, and performance management. Now in the Navy Reserves, we thank Doug for his continued service.
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President, School Bus Consultants
Tom Platt has assembled the most professional, capable, and talented consulting team available in the student transportation industry today. A transportation and logistics professional with decades of experience and the long-time leader of School Bus Consultants, Tom began his professional career as a Naval Officer and has worked with transportation organizations of all sizes in a broad range of geographic regions, cultivating an expertise unmatched in the world of student transportation. Let Tom put his years of experience, education, and knowledge to work for you today.
Tod 467ea3ec61b37dd7b864e11053baaac89d6b6de524414a049a47d40f734f9a82
President, TSC
Tod Eskra and his team are focused on assisting our clients evaluate fleet leasing and fleet management opportunities. Tod has built his career around successfully leading the sustained growth and profitability of widely recognized organizations such as ADP and Enterprise Fleet Management. With more than 20 years of broad-based experience in executive leadership, sales management, employee development and business management, Tod’s most recent role as Corporate Officer at Enterprise saw him leading a $275 Million multi-operating company division. His ability to highly customize financing and fleet management solutions ensures that our customers receive highly focused solutions to their unique concerns.
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